1506, 2021

Spano Partners, Cardinale Enterprises Bring Renewable Energy To New Jersey’s Largest Real Estate Project

Jim Spano and Vito Cardinale just might be the dream team. Spano serves as Managing Partner at Spano Partners Holdings LLC, a New Jersey-based real estate investment firm with a focus on renewable energy projects, while Cardinale heads up Cardinale Enterprises, a real estate developer with a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties across the Garden State. The two are now partnering on Adventure Crossing USA, a sprawling 300-acre sports and entertainment complex in Jackson Township that will be New Jersey’s largest real estate development to date. The complex, located immediately next to Six Flags Great Adventure and slated for a September opening, will include a massive domed indoor sports arena, hockey rinks, a golf driving range, trampoline park, sports training facility and outdoor turf fields. The venue will also include an outdoor stage and entertainment areas, several hotels, a convention center, shops and restaurants. The complex will [...]

2303, 2021

Continental Energy Solutions

Today on the Solar Podcast: Jim Spano - Solar + Battery Storage Value Stack. SEIA just announced that the solar industry will have record growth for the next decade. We installed 20 gigawatts in 2020 and will be installing upwards of 50 GW by 2030. Our guest today is Jim Spano, Managing Partner at Spano Partners Holdings the largest utility scale solar developer in New Jersey, and my-RESI, a developer of residential virtual power plants integrating solar and battery storage designed to deliver energy resiliency and grid health benefits to utilities and ISOs, as well as attractive returns to investors. Spano has developed or financed over 300 MW of solar projects over the past 15 years. He is a recognized leader in the solar industry with a strong financial background and expertise in real estate and land development which gives him a unique perspective among solar energy [...]

2307, 2020

Solar Finance with RadiantREIT

Today, Jim Spano, Co-Founder of RadiantREIT and Managing Partner of Spano Partner Holdings, nationally recognized expert in solar development and finance. RadiantREIT is the first solar mortgage real estate investment trust (REIT) for the solar power development market. Unique in the solar industry, RadiantREIT offers a cradle-to-grave financing program inclusive of construction loans, tax equity and term loans for solar project developers. RadiantREIT focuses on enabling small to mid-sized developers, a category that is underserved in the market today, to capture the full value of their developments. Today I interview the co-founder of RadiantREIT, Jim Spano, who you will see is perhaps the most knowledgeable solar finance professional in the US today. Spano and colleagues have given solar developers a new set of tools which greatly enhances their ability to develop and finance more solar projects. The REIT (real estate investment trust) treats solar assets like real [...]

2705, 2020

Energy Cast Interview

Jim says RadiantREIT has advantages over banks thanks to three components: IRS now treating solar as real estate, can now use REITs ( Real Estate Investment Trusts )Radiant REIT wroked to get these confusing laws clarified thanks to a legal opinion from Norton Rose Fulbright. Unlike banks, RR not subject to ratios, reserves or any banking regulations Paired debt with tax equity, can go raise equity with no limitations Jim says the company is open to financing other energy projects, but solar remains the focus. They have incorporated storage projects, as long as they are co-located with a solar farm. The Renewable Energy Credit program only works if solar is on site. SOURCE: Energy Cast LISTEN







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