Today on the Solar Podcast: Jim Spano – Solar + Battery Storage Value Stack. SEIA just announced that the solar industry will have record growth for the next decade. We installed 20 gigawatts in 2020 and will be installing upwards of 50 GW by 2030. Our guest today is Jim Spano, Managing Partner at Spano Partners Holdings the largest utility scale solar developer in New Jersey, and my-RESI, a developer of residential virtual power plants integrating solar and battery storage designed to deliver energy resiliency and grid health benefits to utilities and ISOs, as well as attractive returns to investors. Spano has developed or financed over 300 MW of solar projects over the past 15 years. He is a recognized leader in the solar industry with a strong financial background and expertise in real estate and land development which gives him a unique perspective among solar energy developers.

What’s new in solar in NJ and Atlantic Region (PA; Carolinas; NY; MA)
Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) – how they work locally and how regional markets happen (1 REC is 1 MWh of electricity from a solar or wind facility)
Texas Grid Debacle and the solution = Virtual Power Plants using rooftop solar and home batteries (Sonnen is partnered with Myresi, one of Jim’s companies)
Announcement: SolREIT is Jim’s newest venture and a unique finance tool for long term funding of solar projects