2306, 2021

Solar Panels for New Jersey’s Schools

Jim Spano and Vito Cardinale just might be the dream team. Spano serves as Managing Partner at Spano Partners Holdings LLC, a New Jersey-based real estate investment firm with a focus on renewable energy projects, while Cardinale heads up Cardinale Enterprises, a real estate developer with a diverse portfolio of commercial and residential properties across the Garden State.

2112, 2018

Solar Panels for New Jersey’s Schools

Solar Panels for New Jersey's Schools Children and renewables are our future: To meet the energy needs of educational facilities, Spano Partners Holdings, LLC. (SPH) has worked with over 40 schools in 2018, including the Middletown, Delsea, Evesham, Plainfield, and North Brunswick School Districts. New Jersey, December 21, 2018. Continuing the pursuit of a greener future, the company is concentrating on expanding its solar projects to educational facilities, enabling the schools to use solar energy for their daily needs. As an example, in Plainfield, SPH installed solar panels on seven schools: The Washington Community School, Plainfield High School, Hubbard and Maxson Middle Schools, Cedarbrook, Emerson, and Jefferson Elementary Schools. Together, the facilities will be able to generate 2061 kW, with Plainfield High being the biggest facility, able to generate a total of 883kW. Additionally, SPH has recently begun construction on 6 more schools in North Brunswick. [...]

612, 2018

Solar & Storage Finance Conference Notes

Posted: 06 Dec 2018 01:51 PM PST I attended the Solar & Storage Finance conference hosted in NYC in late October 2018.  Presenters included a mix of capital providers & asset managers, private non-profit entities & public agencies, legal, accounting & consulting firms, intermediaries, firms providing risk analysis, ratings & mitigation, & various vendors of energy storage and IT-related services.  The tone of the discussions was noteworthy for its near total absence of ideological comments about environmental urgency.   Rather, it was a meeting of finance technicians and technocrats focused on the nuts & bolts of accomplishing those ends, with the merits and relevance of mission assumed. The conference issues were organized with public agency comments at the beginning about policy targets and accomplishments.  This set the stage for discussion panels to address the interests and appetites of Large Buyers, including both offtaker utilities and capital market asset buyers (institutional [...]







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