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What if you could take mining byproducts and contaminated water, remove contaminants in a way that was economically viable and turn the resulting isolates into valuable commodities? New technology to separate precious metals, oil, and rare earth elements from ore concentrates and tailings is a game-changing move that will heave the mining industry into the 21st century.

Spano Partners’ substantial interests in revolutionary mining solutions focusing on recovering these isolates, cleaning and remediation- all with a congruent focus on economic viability and environmental safety.

Additionally, James Spano is Chairman of Mega Mines, Inc., a publicly traded company involved in the exploration and exploitation of gold, silver and copper deposits in North America.

Through our sister company, Modern Mining Solutions, Spano Partners has been a driving force behind the country’s most technologically advanced mining solutions center. Opening in Summer 2016, our 35,000 square-foot headquarters near Reno, NV represents six years of work and millions of dollars of investment.

Our innovative solutions will include:

  • Plasma recovery for precious metals
  • Rare earth recovery systems
  • Hydro-metallurgy
  • Pyro-metallurgy
  • Particle size reduction
  • Ore concentration circuits
  • Assay lab

At Recovered Earth Technologies, we provide solutions for real world problems:

our ability to completely remove hydrocarbons is UNMATCHED in the industry and, coupled with the relatively low operating cost of the process, makes it economically superior. Recovered Earth Technologies Hydrocarbon Systems have the ability to separate and recover 100% of hydrocarbons from sand or soil substrate, then remediate the remaining trace hydrocarbons. Originally designed for the oil and gas industry, our Wastewater Treatment and Produced Wastewater Systems are unparalleled by competitors in terms of water purification and cost.

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Dennis Kalnas

Joe is consistent, reliable and always honors his commitment. What I appreciate most about Joe is his ability to cut through red tape and the politics of a project. Joe stays focused on the main key objectives and delivers results.


Jerry Pane

Both Joe and Jim Spano were tremendous in providing very large financing, both internally and finding it for us. It has been a real pleasure, I thank god that I met these guys.

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