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Groundbreaking technology and pioneering development in renewable resources – built on solid financial ground

Real Estate

Spano Partners continues to maintain prominent commercial and residential real estate assets – including the site of a 1-million square-foot retail center that will be run on power from an adjacent solar installation – as well as various properties hosting its solar farms.

With over 30 years experience, Spano Partners is a leader in land development– including resorts, mix-used property and residential. We understand the cyclical nature of real estate and have generated numerous business opportunities in the form of companies in real estate based lending, real estate acquisition and raw land development.

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featured testimonials


Business and Life Ethics

Bill Dunn

Jim has had extraordinary success in business and I think there are a lot of reasons for that. Not only does he have his business partner’s backs but at the same time he has the back of the client. And he balances that between fairness and a belief that he does what he does for the overall benefit of everybody.


The Solar Industry

Lyle Rawlings

What I really appreciate about working with Jim is that he always has a strong moral center. There is always a lot of attention to ethics and integrity in everything that Jim does, and I especially appreciate that he knows the meaning of loyalty to partners.


Creative Solutions

Joe Carbine

Jim always brings a teamwork atmosphere, he never gives up, and he always is very creative in his approach of offering a solution.


Delivers Results

Dennis Kalnas

Joe is consistent, reliable and always honors his commitment. What I appreciate most about Joe is his ability to cut through red tape and the politics of a project. Joe stays focused on the main key objectives and delivers results.


Jerry Pane

Both Joe and Jim Spano were tremendous in providing very large financing, both internally and finding it for us. It has been a real pleasure, I thank god that I met these guys.


Building with the Government and Industry Together

Mukesh Dulani

Jim Spano has the drive, energy, and imagination to build the future.


Changing the Solar Industry

Senator Parker

Jim Spano is a real leader in the solar power industry.

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